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Everything That You Should Know About Latest Android OS Update P.

The first developer preview for Android P was released in March 2018 that introduced what’s new in this latest update and what individuals can expect with this android version. Well, officials haven’t explored everything about android P but added some new features and tools for developers that will be released with android P. 

We have collected some great information about the latest Android P that will be launched later this year and here we are sharing them with you.

When Will It Be Launched Officially?

Officials haven’t made any statement yet about the official release of this Android OS. Well, it’s available right now but probably you will not need it. Presently, hop over to this website for tech tutorials Android P is in rough shape and is not ready for Google’s beta programme.  You may have to wait until the end of the year 2018 or starting months of 2019. However, if you’re damn executed and can’t wait for the official release, search over internet and grab it manually.

Google will not launch it before proper testing and till the development process ends with the expected output. However, Google is supposed to open up the Android beta programme for every android lover to install the beta version of android P on their devices. Well, the exact releasing date is still a big mystery, and there is no clue when it will get officially released.

What Features Can You Expect?

Android is known to come up with some excellent and advanced features with its every new release. Thus it is expected that Android P will not disappoint any Android user and lover. Functionality, performance, display, sound quality, camera, etc. features and their functionality is supposed to get boosted with android P. However, as said earlier, officials have neither made any statement regarding the release nor about the features and functionality that I and you will get with latest android P.

What Exactly Can You Expect With Android P?

Here are some key features that you can expect

  • Fresh New Look and Notification Bar
  • Lockdown Mode for extra security
  • Battery Display on ambient screen
  • Easy Screenshot tab
  • Excellent media output control
  • Advance features
  • Great Performance
  • Less Bugs

So that’s everything that you should know about the latest Android OS P.  Hope the content has exposed most of the things that you were seeking for about Android P. Follow us to know more about android P and its official release date.