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Tournament Results – Northern California – NorCal State Championships, Elite “8” Championships
Last week was the NorCal State Championships.  The winners in the Majors Division were as follows:

14-U division
1st place Lamorinda Generals (TBS Honorable Mention)
2nd place Danville Dukes
3rd place California Sting
4th EJ Sports Titans .

13-U division
1st place All American Sports Academy ( TBS # 23 ranking)
2nd place California Sting Outlaws (TBS #21 Ranking)
3rd place Delta Dawgs Blue (TBS NR)
4th place Club All Star  (TBS NR)

A little information regarding the 13U: All American Sports Academy will be playing up again this week in another USSSA tournament.  California Sting Outlaws have no immediate plans to play and are still looking for additional players.  The Headfirst Gamers are taking a break, something they usually do at this time of the year.  Some of their players go to camps and some play Pony Ball.  Club All Star is taking a break until the Steamboat Springs Colorado Tournament in July.

12-U division
1st place SV Yankees (TBS #19 Ranking)
2nd place NorCal Grizzlies (TBS Honorable Mention)
3rd place All American Sports Academy (TBS NR)
4th place SV Bulldogs.  (TBS #15 ranking

11-U division
1st place TABU (TBS #3  ranking)
2nd place NorCal Grizzlies (TBS NR)
3rd place Lamorinda Baseball (TBS #7 ranking)
4th place Stockton Crushers (TBS NR)

After finishing the USSSA NorCal State Championship last week, many of the same teams played in the TOC’s.  In  order to play in this tournament, the team had to win a previous tournament.  Norcal Travel Ball billed it as the “Elite 8” in Northern California.

14-U Major
1st place  All American Sports Academy 13-U (13-U State Champs and TBS #23 Ranking)
2nd place  EJ Sports Titans (TBS NR)
3rd place Lamorinda Generals (State Champions and TBS Honorable Mention)

13-U Open
1st place  Bombers Baseball (TBS NR)
2nd place  North State Elite Baseball (TBS NR)
3rd place   Team Shaggers  (TBS NR)

12-U Open
1st place  NorCal Grizzlies  (TBS Honorable Mention)
2nd place  Danville Renegades  (TBS NR)
3rd place  SV Yankees  (TBS #19 ranking)

11-U Open
1st place   Lamorinda Baseball (TBS #7 ranking)
2nd place  Brentwood Blast (TBS NR)
3rd place   Pleasant Hill Hawks  (TBS NR)