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Travelball Select’s FINAL 12U Travelball National Rankings

The 12U Lamorinda Spartans played strong all year and earned the #1 spot on Travelball Select’s Final National Rankings for 2013. Here is what TbS said about the Spartans and the other teams in the top 10:

FINAL 12U Travelball National Rankings

Saturday, 14 September 2013 11:26

1 LAMORINDA SPARTANS (CAN) Body of works keeps Spartans #1. 69-10. 13 1st place in 16 events with 2 Runner-ups…
…TbS Travelball National Champions, AABC World Series Champs, 2 SNIT and 3 TbS Super Regional Titles
Won Peewee Reese – Puerto Rico Tournament with two wins over Team MVP and other ranked teams like GA Yard Dogs
Have put together quite the Resume (12 ‘Ships) and building on it as they play internationally before going to NYBC;
Go undefeated in winning TRAVELBALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP over the likes of Diamond MVP, Team MVP, MVP Stealth…
…and they do it with some of their top players (Javi, Nick, Xavier) bouncing between Little League State Playoffs;
Beat SY Titans and talented Edwards (P) in ‘Ship of Super Series W.S. 6-1;
11 Championships in 13 Events with most being against highly ranked teams;
Beat Gutos and Volpi, Team MVP pitchers from Northeast who played with NJ Marlins, only
to lose in ‘Ship of NABF (NY) to Banditos;
Won Travelball Super Region-Vegas (5-1 record) over MVP West, LV Rebels, Utah Horns, Stealth, NLA;
Won CA Spring SNIT; Won Two TbS Super Regions; Won Pres. Day SNIT
2 SY TITANS (CAS) Arguably the #1 team in the nation based on how they finished in the last tournament..
A well respected team on and off the field. Winning the NYBC event over BPA, MVP, Force, Capitals, EM Majors. Impressive!
Finish 2nd/4-2 at the Youth Elite falling to Ohio Prospects in ‘Ship with win over Maniacs in Semis revenging lose in Pool Play;
Titans captured the elusive berth to the NYBC last weekend and will square off against top ranked teams for all the marbles;
After lose to Spartans at Super Series, Titans traveling to KY to qualify for NYBC berth – they belong!
Strong outing at Cooperstown losing in Semis to a team of MVP West and MVP players;
Finish 2-2 at Cinco De Mayo losing by one run to Mayhem and Vipers each;
& Won Vegas 12U Invitational. Best 12U Tourney YTD. Nipped Team Mizuno;
& won AZ SNIT Champs; 3rd at Thanksgiving; 2-1 at TbS Super Regional-Miami;
3 BANDITOS BLACK (TXS) Perennial powerhouse and at the top of the TbS rankings every year and no different this year. 2-1 and upset by BPA at NYBC
Earn NYBC berth taking NABF (NY) breaking open a 3-3 tie in fourth of ‘Ship against Spartans;
Playing up (13U) in Nation’s Texas South Elite League and winning tournaments;
4-1 at TbS Super Regional-Miami;
4 TEAM MVP (FLS) Had some of the most talented players from across the nation but just couldn’t win the “big one” to be ranked #1;
3rd at NYBC beating Spartans twice only to have fight taken out of them as they advanced;
Finished second to Spartans at the Puerto Rico Tournament falling twice to the #1 ranked team Nationally;
Team with talent and deep pitching with Carmona, Gutos, Holland and Volpi. The only team that beats them is themselves;
4-3 with 2nd place finish at Travelball National Championship. Win 2 out of 3 over Rebels in Bracket;
3rd with 5-2 record at EWS dropping in the Semis to its western namesake, Diamond MVP;
Talented as anyone but sometimes you have to catch a break to win the big ones;
Fought their way out of the toughest bracket with Canes, Stealth, MCBC, and others;
Shuts out Frozen Rope Black in its opener at EWS;
Lose to FL Stingrays in Semis of AAU Nationals. Top pitchers were playing at NABF (NY);
TbS Florida State Champs over MVP-Stealth, Stingrays, Maniacs
Will Travel! Took 3rd at Travelball Super Region-Vegas with 4-1 record beating
Rebels, Mustangs, Sandlot, Vipers; Won Orlando Super Regional; 14th Championship;
& Won FL SNIT and BFG SNIT as well as TbS Miami Super Regional (6-0);
5 DIAMOND MVP (CAS) 2-2 in Memphis and fall to BPA in Semis after having mercy-ruled them in Pool Play. Other win was over EM Majors;
3rd at TNC with Semi Final lose to Spartans. Elevate performance with 2 wins over Team Mizuno after losing 2 Pool games;
Runner up with 7-1 record to EM Majors (4-3) at EWS beating Team MVP in Semis in a 6-5 nail biter;
Playing their best when it count – in the Post Season. Consistent and wont beat themselves;
Bracket wins over Keller Crush, Athletics and outlasted other bracket teams like Warriors, Wolverines;
Begins EWS on good note with two wins to include big win over highly touted Rebels (6-5);
Finish 3-1/2nd to Force at TbS State Championship;
Combine with others to beat Titans in Semis of Cooperstown then winning ‘Ship;
MVP West finished 2nd (3-1-2) at Travelball Super Regional-Vegas;
2nd at Bat Wars SNIT (3-1) losing to #1 11U Hustle
Traveled to play at talented TbS Super Regional-Miami; 2nd at Thanksgiving SNIT;
6 INDIANA BULLS (IN) Something not quite right at NYBC when 3 of top 6 teams are in the same pool…
…Bulls lose to Spartans but beat MVP by slightest of margins and fail to advance at National Youth Baseball tournament;
Undefeated to win NABF, qualify for NYBC by beating EvoShield Canes, Mighty Ducks 2X, Tigers
…led by Player of Year Candidate Lucas McNew who 8 Homeruns, 6 in Final 3 Games at NABF;
Play Great at Gator Invitational beating EM Majors, Rebels 2X, Upper Deck with 12 HR in 1st but
finish 2nd to EM Majors in “winner take all for TV” Championship; 52-5 through June;
Win Indiana State Title; 2-0 at Music City SNIT with Mercy Rule win over Astros;
Lose in Semis to talented and overlooked Warriors at Cincy SNIT;
Won the Travelball Super Region-KY to qualify for National Championship
Played Motor City evenly in 3 game Series; 4-1 at TNE SNIT losing to Canes in Semis;
7 EM MAJORS (AR) Catch a break and the outcome is different but go 1-2 at NYBC losing to Titans in Pool Play and Diamond MVP in Qurarters;
Could not have scripted a better ending at EWS than walk-off homerun against one of the best in ‘Ship!
Win Elite World Series with perfect record & Championship win over Diamond MVP, Semis over Ducks;
Bracket wins over Las Vegas Rebels, Black Hawks; Others in Bracket = Maniacs, Worth Sox Red, Jays;
Win first two Pool Games at EWS over HM Detroit Bees and #32 Tidewaters Drillers;
5-1-1/1st at Gator Invitational: Tie to MCBC, lose to Bulls who they eventually beat in ‘Ship;
75-7 Utrip Record; Win State over Mighty Ducks; Champions of the KS SNIT going 6-0;
4-1 at MidSouth SNIT with win over Dodgers in Quarter Finals;
Lose to Dodgers at Global Shootout; & Won DFW SNIT after slow start at Twin City SNIT (1-1-1)
8 EVOSHIELD CANES (NC) Have packed their bags and traveled to face the best competition and have been successful & rewarded;
5th with 4-3-1 record at EWS and put out by Team MVP – who beat them in pool & 2X in bracket;
Advanced through toughest bracket with over MCBC, Stealth;
Tie HM and team to reckon with in Keller Crush on first day of EWS;
7-1/Runner-Up to Bulls at NABF beating the likes of Dallas Tigers, Athletics, Gators
Next big event is NABF (Southaven); Win NC State Title;
Deep at Pitching to finish 2nd at TNE SNIT beating Astros in Quarters and Bulls in Semis;
Mercy Ruled way through Beast of East SNIT; Winners of the ATL SNIT
9 BPA DEMARINI (CAS) Make the biggest jump from #22 to #9 with Runner-up performance in Memphis with upset wins over Bandits and MVP;
Get a bid to the NYBC in August; Team is scrappy and plays hard.
Play well in Bracket Play at TNC after losing first two games in Pool Play (Rebels and Team Mizuno) to finish tied for 3rd;
10 MIGHTY DUCKS (AR) Duck Dynasty? Not quite but proving their worth every tournament.
Made it to Semis of EWS before eliminated by in state rival, EM Majors, 2-0…
…Finish with 6-3 record and capturing bracket over improved Astros (2X), Game On, Outlaws;
Executed as they hoped winning first two games at EWS before slipping to Team OK;
5-2 at NABF with only loses coming to top rated Bulls, Beating Athletics, Texas Elite, and Dulin;
2nd to EM Majors at State Championship;
Playing up again (6-4); Upset at MidSouth SNIT by Worth Sox in Pool Play and did not advance;
Playing up a lot for competition on 13U fields impacting play (timing)?
Won Global Shootout over Dodgers & EM Majors; Won Twin City SNIT