Lamorinda Baseball Club


Xavier Carter and Javier Felix.  USA Baseball.

2013 Calendar Year 67-8





15 Tournaments

13  1st   Place Finishes

1    2nd  Place Finish

1    3rd   Place Finish


February 2-3

Super Bowl Party

Spartans 12 – Norcal Bombers 0

Spartans 25 – Bay Area Bombers 0

Spartans 9 – Almaden Bulldogs 1

1st place 3-0


 February 9-10

VTV Invitational

Spartans 13 – Diamond Dawgs 4

Spartans 11 – Next Level 7

Spartans 9 – Sandlot All-Stars 1

Spartans 2 – SC Mayhem 0

Spartans 8 – SY Titans 1

1st Place 5-0


February 16-18

Presidents Day Super NIT

Spartans 11 – Clubhouse Reds 2

Spartans 12 – Norcal Baseball 7

Spartans 8 – Peninsula Nationals 0

Spartans 11 – Club All-Stars 7

Spartans 14 – Laguna Bandits 11

Spartans 2 – BPA Demarini 1

1st Place 6-0


March 2-3

TBS Socal Super Regional

Placentia Mustangs 8 – Spartans 4

San Diego Show 12 – Spartans 5

Spartans 8 – Diamond Stingrays 6

Spartans 8 – BPA Demarini 0

Spartans 12 – Placentia Mustangs 4

1st Place 3-2


March 16-17

Got’Em Show Up or Shut Up

Spartans 7 – Cali Mudcats 3

Spartans 6 – Monterey Bay 1

Spartans 6 – Monterey Bay 1

Spartans 1 – Norcal Baseball 0

1st Place 4-0


March 22-24

TBS Norcal Super Regional

Spartans 11 – Central Valley Athletics 7

Spartans 10 – Tassajara Bulldogs 4

Spartans 10 – Chico Aces Blue 1

Spartans 8 – Central Valley Athletics 0

Spartans 6 – Cali Mudcats 1

1st Place 5-0


April 13-14

Spring Super NIT

Spartans 8 – Top Flight Baseball 0

Spartans 3 – Central Valley Athletics 2

Spartans 9 – Central Valley Cobras 1

Spartans 9 – California Mudcats 1

Spartans 9 – Laguna Bandits 3

Spartans 3 – Club All Star 2

1st Place 6-0


April 19-21

Las Vegas Invitational

Spartans 8 –  Las Vegas Rebels 7

SY Titans 4 – Spartans 0

Texas Force 9  – Spartans 6

Spartans 3 – Sand Lot All-Stars 2

Spartans 4 – Placentia Mustangs 2

Texas Force 5 – Spartans 4

3rd Place 3-3


May 18-19

Team Appreciation

Spartans 16 – Tri-City 0

Spartans 15 – Tri-Valley Rangers 2

Spartans 7 – Club All-Star Blue 3

Spartans 8 – Club All-Star Blue 3

1st Place 4-0


May 25-27

TBS Las Vegas Super Regional

Spartans 12 – NLA 2

Spartans 11 – Stealth TBS 8

Team MVP West 8 – Spartans 3

Spartans 11 – Utah Horns 7

Spartans 6 – Las Vegas Rebels 5

Spartans 4 – Team MVP West 2

1st Place 5-1


 June 8-9

Super Series Super Elite Regional Championships

Spartans 30 – Nor Cal Elite 5

Spartans 23 – Laguna Bandits 17

Spartans 26 – Club All Star Blue 5

Spartans 4 – Davis Aggies 2

1st Place 4-0


June 27-30

NABF Atlantic Classics Championships

Spartans 11 – New Jersey Grizzlies 2

Spartans 11 – New Jersey Marlins 9

Spartans 7 – New Jersey Marlins 5

Spartans 12 – Diamond Buddies 9

Banditos 10 – Spartans 4

2nd Place 4-1


July 20-21

Super Series World Series

Spartans 15 – Sacramento Capitals 5

Spartans 16 – Golden Spikes 5

Spartans 15 – Best Speed 0

Spartans 6 – Davis Aggies 2

Spartans 6 – SY Titans 1

1st Place 5-0


July 25-28

TBS National Championships

Spartans 14 – Team MVP Stealth 7

Spartans 19 – EP Dodgers 3

Spartans 8 – Tomateros De California 0

Spartans 15 – Tomateros De California 0

Spartans 3 – Team MVP Diamond 0

Spartans 5 – Team MVP 4

1st Place 6-0


August 1-4

AABC Pee Wee Reece World Series

Spartans 10 – Georgia Yard Dogs 6

Spartans 13 – Puerto Rico 3

Spartans 8 – Team MVP 7

Georgia Yard Dogs 9 – Spartans 7

Spartans 8 – Team MVP 2

1st Place 4-1



 Spartans Tour Cal Berkeley




USA Baseball Names Spartans’ Xavier Carter, Gavin Shipp and Javier Felix to the 2014 14U National Development Team!

Congratulations boys. It is an incredible honor to be selected to represent your country. We could not be prouder.

USAB Spartans 3

Contact:  Cody Wilcoxson — 474-8721 x225


14U NTDP will be Aug. 4 to 8, 17U NTDP is set to run Aug. 11 to 15 in Cary, N.C.


DURHAM, N.C. — USA Baseball announced the final roster for the 2014 14U and 17U National Team Development Program in a selection show on following the conclusion of the 14U and 17U East and West National Team Championships in Florida and Arizona. The week-long National Team Development programs will be held in Cary, N.C. at the USA Baseball National Training Complex fromAug. 4 to 8 for the 14U age level and Aug. 11 to 15 for the 17U age level.

The National Team Development Program offers identified athletes with an opportunity to connect with USA Baseball staff to better prepare for a future national team experience. The program includes skill development sessions, off-field education seminars and intrasquad Stars vs. Stripes games to help develop the athletes as both a player and a person.

“NTDPs are a good combo of not just baseball, but life skills lessons,” said former NTDP coach and current Jupiter Hammerheads manager, Brian Schneider. “USA Baseball brings in college coaches to talk about what they’re looking for in a player, and to talk about classes and moving forward in their baseball careers.”

2010 16U National Team Manager, Eric Kibler, will lead the staff for the 14U and 17U National Team Development programs for the third consecutive year. Kibler will be joined by several well-known coaches and former professional players for the event.

University of Illinois head coach, Dan Hartleb, Florida State volunteer coach, Bryan Henry, University of Tampa head coach, Joe Urso, and Florida Atlantic University head coach, John MacCormack, will assist Kibler in coaching the 14U NTDP. The 14U program will also feature former coach for the USA Baseball Tournament of Stars and 18U National Team Trials, Sammy Serrano, two-time USA Baseball alum and Gulliver Prep (Fla.) assistant coach, Manny Crespo, former Major League Baseball player and a member of the 2000 Olympic baseball team, Brad Wilkerson, USA Baseball Collegiate National Team alumni and member of the 1988 Olympic baseball team, Ty Griffin, and former MLB player and Olympic gold medalist, Ernie Young.

The 17U NTDP will feature Cal State Fullerton head coach, Rick Vanderhook, South Alabama head coach, Mark Calvi, a member of the MLB Scouting Bureau, Sean Gamble, Prestonwood Academy head coach, Mike Maack, Appalachian State head coach, Billy Jones, and three-time USA Baseball alum, John Gall. Wilkerson and Young will also be working with the 17U NTDP.

At the end of the event, two players from the 14U National Team Development Program will be invited to the 2015 15U National Team Trials. Two players from the 17U National Team Development Program will be invited to the 2015 18U National Team Trials and eight players will be invited to the USA Baseball Tournament of Stars. At the conclusion of both programs, USA Baseball will announce an All-Development Team.

Players are selected for the National Team Development Program based on their participation and performance at USA Baseball events. Recommendations from professional scouts, USA Baseball scouts and collegiate, high school and youth coaches at USA Baseball events play a role in the selection process for the National Team Development Program.

The National Team Championships in Arizona and Florida act as the primary tool for identifying players for the program.

“From the minute these players step onto the field on testing day at the National Team Championships, our coaches and scouts are evaluating them on everything from speed, to defensive footwork, to power at the plate, to consistency on the mound, to whether or not they are a good teammate and do the little things,” said Director of the National Team Development Program, Ashley Bratcher. “There are a lot of great baseball players at the Championships and our scouts have a really difficult job in narrowing it down to the handful of players that earn the privilege to be a part of USA Baseball.”

For more information on the National Team Development Program please visit

The roster for the 14U National Team Development Program is as follows:

Name, Position, Travel Ball Team
Matt Allan, RHP, FTB Royal
Daniel Bautista, OF, Tampa Bay Warriors
Kelvin Bender, LHP/OF, MLB Urban Youth Academy
Gabriel Briones, C, CBA Bulldogs
Chris Brown, IF/RHP, Placentia Mustangs Navy
Antonio Bullard, IF/RHP, ABD Bulldogs
Yordani Carmona, LHP, MVP Elite Squad
Xavier Carter, IF/LHP, Lamorinda Spartans
Beamin Carter, IF, West Covina Dukes National
Joseph Charles, RHP, Central Florida Gators
Connor Clift, C/RHP, OC Premier
Andrew Devine, IF/OF, Oaks Baseball Academy
Jasiah Dixon, OF, CBA Bulldogs
Austin Duffy, IF/OF, So Cal Renegades Baseball Club
Michael Elliott, RHP/IF, Placentia Mustangs Navy
Jaden Fein, OF, Oaks Baseball Academy
Javier Felix, RHP/IF, Lamorinda Spartans
Loren Franck, IF, Pacific Baseball Academy Halpert
Aidan Frye, RHP, Red Seams Athletics
Nolan Gorman, IF, Central Florida Gators
Rohan Handa, LHP, Red Seams Athletics
Jakob Hines, C, FBC Ostingers
Jake Holland, IF/OF, MVP Elite Squad
Tony Jacob Jr., LHP/OF, BPA 14U
Austin Kretzschmar, IF, San Diego Show Black
Willie Lee, OF, Central Florida Gators
Brian Leonhardt, IF/LHP, CBA Wave
Justin Lucas, RHP/OF, Oaks Baseball Academy
Baylin Moore, LHP, Georgia Select
Connor Ollio, RHP, Central Florida Gators
Austin Pfeifer, RHP, MVP All-American
Jacen Roberson, OF/LHP, Santa Barbara Foresters
Carlos Rodriquez, C/IF, BPA 14U
Jacob Shaver, RHP, MVP All-American
Gavin Shipp, RHP/IF, Lamorinda Spartans
Angel Tiburcio, RHP, MVP Elite Squad
Ray Torres, C, Re Seams Athletics
Luis Tuero, IF, MVP Elite Squad
Mykanthony Valdes, IF, Florida Canes
Michael Wein, OF, Georgia Jackets

The alternates for the 14U National Team Development Program are as follows:

Name, Position, Travel Ball Team
Michael Carpentier Jr., C, MVP All-American
Jaime DeLeon Jr., IF, MVP All-American
Devonte Smith, OF, GBG Marucci
Noah Zamora, OF, GBG Renegades Blue
Chad Knight, RHP, Stealth Baseball
Colton Olasin, IF, MVP Elite Squad
John Ornelas, IF, Central Florida Gators
Jon Quayle, LHP, CFBL Elite 2018
Safi Wazaz, IF, Stealth Baseball

The roster for the 17U National Team Development Program is as follows:

Name, Position, Travel Ball Team
Jake Ackerman, OF/C, Mooresville, N.C.
Douglas Ashcraft, RHP/IF, So Cal NTT White
Zachary Attianese, LHP, Old Bridge, N.J.
Kevin Barbato, OF, MPI
Cameron Blake, OF/LHP, Twelve
Bryce Blaum, IF, Twelve
Hunter Bowling, LHP, Palm Beach County PAL
David Clawson, C/IF, BPA 17U
Aaron Coates, LHP/OF, Tampa Bay Warriors USA
Luis Curbelo Davis, MIF, Beyel Brothers Bulldogs
Hagen Danner, RHP/C, BPA Gold
Julian Escobedo, OF/LHP, California Bears Baseball Club
Logan Foster, C/OF, Sulphur, La.
Logan Gillaspie, C, 17U So Cal Cardinals
Kevin Gowdy, RHP/IF, GBG Marucci 2016
Connor Grady, RHP, Ostingers Baseball Academy 16U
Tyrus Greene, C, CBA Wave
Aaron Greenfield, IF, CBA Bulldogs Gold
Josh Hiatt, IF/RHP, Longville, La.
Charles King, RHP/IF, San Ramon, Calif.
Nick Lee, RHP/IF, Lincoln, Neb.
Sergio Macias Jr., IF, Team Citius USA
Alex McKenna, OF/RHP, Playa Vista Orioles
Triston McKenzie, RHP/IF, Easton Rockets
Zach McLeod, LHP, Marlins Scout Team
Mitchell Miller, LHP, Chain Baseball Columbus
Tristan Peterson, IF, Tuscon Bobcats
Konnor Pilkington, IF/LHP, Marlins Scout Team
Nick Pratto, LHP/IF, BPA 17U
Hazahol Quijada, LHP/IF, So Cal Elite
Ripken Reyes, IF, Nor Cal Valley
Blake Sabol, C/IF, CBA Marucci 2016
Pablo Salazar III, IF, MLB Urban Youth Academy South
Zachary Sherman, IF/RHP, San Diego Longhorns
Josh Stephen, OF, Chino Hills, Calif.
Mason Studstill, RHP/IF, Beyel Brothers Bulldogs
LJ Talley, IF, Chain Baseball Columbus
Tre Turner, OF, MLB Urban Youth Academy South
Bo Weiss, RHP/IF, San Diego Longhorns
Cody Williams, OF/IF, MLB Urban Youth Academy South

The alternates for the 17U National Team Development Program are as follows:

Name, Position, Travel Ball Team
Eric Cha, LHP, CBA Marucci 2016
Marrick Crouse, RHP/OF, BPA 17U
Tyler Flores, IF, 17U So Cal Cardinals
Matt Green, OF/C, Southern California Bombers
Tim Nelson, RHP/IF, So Cal Elite
Nick Sprengel, LHP, GBB Marucci 2015
Trace Bucey, OF/RHP, Team Citius USA
Brendan Donovan, IF, So Cal NTT Blue
Matt Ellmyer, IF/RHP, Easton Rockets 16U
Devin Fontenot, RHP/OF Mizuno Select – McAdams
Austin James, IF, Ostingers Baseball Academy 17U

About USA Baseball
USA Baseball is the national governing body for the sport of baseball in the United States and is a member of the United States Olympic Committee and the World Baseball Softball Confederation.  The organization selects and trains the World Baseball Classic, World Cup and Pan Am teams (and all other USA Baseball Professional Teams); the USA Baseball Collegiate National Team; the USA Baseball 18U, 15U and 12U National Teams; and the USA Baseball Women’s National Team, all of which participate in various international competitions each year.  USA Baseball also presents the Golden Spikes Award annually to the top amateur baseball player in the country.  For more information, please visit USABaseball.

TbS Article Features Spartans:

Can the #1 Lamorinda Spartans 13U Be Stopped?


The TbS Ranked #1 Lamorinda Spartans 13U team are a heavy hitting, pitching, fielding group of kids who are making strides on becoming one of the best Lamorinda teams in the organization’s history.

Led by manager Rick Rider and coaches Kelvin Carter and Hector Felix, the Spartans are basically a well-oiled machine who have won numerous top tournaments. This particular team has found recent success in the last couple of years.

In 2013 as a 12U team they were the Travelball Select National Champions, the AABC World Series Champions, became a three-time TbS Super Regional Champ as well as became a two-time Super NIT Champs. They compiled a 68-10 record, which included 16 tournaments with 13 first place finishes and one second, third and fifth place finishes.  This 2014 season they have played very well at the 13U level and even the 14U level. The Spartans have started off hot this season with a current record of 37-4. The are three-time Super NIT champs and in the nine tournaments they have entered, they have compiled seven first place finishes to date. In their most recent tournament, the Cinco de Mayo SNIT, they went 5-0 and beat a very talented #6 SY Titans 13U team 11-10 in a super offensive match up.

“This an unbelievable group of kids,” Manager Rick Rider said of his Spartans. “And the chemistry of this team is unbelievable. I think it stems from all the travel they have done together. There are so many good players on this team that nobody feels they need to carry the team. A different player seems to step up each weekend, and they truly care about each other.”

The Spartans are looking forward to defending their title in July at the Travelball National Championships in Atlanta. They are also looking ahead to the Louisville Slugger Tournaments in Los Angeles. These are tournaments that will prove how they match up to the rest of the country’s elite.

Led by some of the best talent in the country, let alone California, during the TNC we will see the likes of the 2013 TbS First Team All-American Javier Felix, one of the top pitchers in the country, who will threaten many of the best hitters with his ability to work the plate and his heat.

2013 TbS First Team All-American, Adrian Flores, is possibly one of the top catchers in NorCal and even the country. He’s second on the team in hitting.

Xavier Carter is a sick southpaw pitcher, who is lights out on the mound as well as a great two-spot hitter at the plate. He is also a ’13 TbS First Team All-American.

2013 TbS Second Team All-American, Israel Quintana, can play anywhere on the field and is the team’s top hitter. He hits for power and average. He is arguably one of the best young hitters for 13U ball in the country, and can rain his hits anywhere in the field as well as over the wall.

2014 TbS Player to Watch, Nico Marinconz, is a speedy leadoff hitter with great hands in the middle of the infield. He will be counted heavily on during the TNC to get on base and use his base running smarts to create runs.

The Lamorinda Baseball Club was founded in 2003 by the legendary Lamorinda Generals, who in 2008, ended a very successful run as one of NorCal’s premier teams. From then forward, the programs have pumped out powerhouse teams such as the Cougars, Monarchs, Diablos, Naturals and Spartans, each carrying on the Lamorinda name with pride. The Spartans are trying to put their mark in history as being the best squad in NorCal history. They haven’t let anyone down yet.


Adrian Flores – C

Curtis Zamora – 3B/OF/P

D’Andre Gaines – OF

Graeme Farrell – OF/2B

Israel Quintana – 3B/OF/P

Jack Dameilio – 3B/OF/P

Javier Felix – 3B/P

Josh Alvarado – OF/P

Lucas Allen – C/3B/1B/OF

Max Jung-Goldberg – SS/2B

Nathan Nicosia – 2B/SS/P

Nico Marinconz – SS/2B/P

RJ Blanton – 1B/OF

Xavier Carter – 1B/P


The Lamorinda Spartans won the Cinco de Mayo Super NIT in Riverside in an exciting final over SY Titans 11-10 going 5-0 on the weekend. The tournament MVP was Nico Marinconz.

Spartans Featured in Youth1 Article:

Lamorinda Spartans Complete Stellar Season

Lamorinda 13U Dark

Written on Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Written by Zachary O’Connor-Robol

The ultra-talented Lamorinda Spartans 13U baseball team completed another successful season this fall. The California-based squad won titles at the only tournaments they entered; the Perfect Game NorCal Qualifier and the Polar Bear Classic 14U, going a combined 8-1.

In the November Perfect Game Qualifier, Lamorinda went 4-0 and coasted through the field. Its closest game came against Bulldog Baseball which was a 4-0 shutout. In this month’s Polar Bear Classic 14U field, the Spartans suffered its first loss. They fell to Bret’s Muckdogs 9-5 in the opening game before knocking off four straight opponents, including the Muckdogs 16-3 in the finals.

The team is comprised of 7th and 8th graders and is part of a highly-successful baseball club that features teams from the 10U through the 18U levels. The main focus for the coaching staff this year will be to prepare the players for high school competition.

As previously mentioned, the squad is full of talent. Three TbS All Americans return to the team this year, Javier Lopez, Adrian Flores and Xavier Carter. In addition, Got ‘Em Baseball’s top-ranked player from Northern California, Israel Quintana, will be wearing a Spartans uniform.

Like any top team, the Spartans travel and game schedule will be quite rigorous. Starting in February, the team will compete in one to two tournaments per month through August. They will mostly play up an age group on the bigger, major-league sized fields, but some exceptions will be made during large regional tournaments or Super NIT’s.

Look for the Lamorinda Spartans 13U team to be playing in the TBS National Championships, various USSSA Super NIT’s in California and Arizona and if they reach their goals, the new NYC Championships this summer.

Special thanks to Steve Allen. Do you have a team you’d like the nation to read about? Send an email to now!

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Spartans play up a year with the 14’s and win the championship 16-3. Co-MVP’s Xavier Carter with a complete game shutout in the semis and Lucas Allen who batted over .600 for the tournament.



The Spartans win the championship over the Davis Aggies 13-1, in the Perfect Game’s NorCal Qualifier. Congratulations Boys!