Lamorinda Baseball Club
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Trojans – 10U Season


The Lamorinda 10U Trojans finished a great run at the National Championship Series tournament in East Cobb, Georgia last week. We got off to a rocky start going 0-4 in pool play. Seeded 12 out of 13 teams the boys never got down on themselves. They proceeded to go 4-0 in bracked play beating the SoCal Bees (13-7), East Cobb Elite (4-2), the Motor City Hit Dogs (9-6), and then beat the Arkansas Storm, the #2 ranked team in the nation (13-9) in extra innings to get in the finals. In the finals the Trojans faced the Arkansas Storm again and lost a well fought game (7-3). Thanks to all the coaches who worked hard coaching the boys to the finals. Go Trojans.



10U Trojans, playing in the 11U division, won the ‘Monster Elimination’ Championship in Tracy this weekend. Going 4-0, the Trojans put on a hitting clinic and out scored the their opponents.



The Lamorinda Trojans played their first tournament together this weekend and are off to a strong start. The new team won the Labor Day Classic in Davis, CA. They showed a lot of heart coming out early against the 1st seed Elk Grove Longhorns with the 9-4 victory and then dominated the Championship game beating Hard90 20-4. It was great to see the boys play well together, work well together and bring home the big trophy!