Lamorinda Baseball Club
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Vikings 12U


4/9/17: Congratulations to The Lamorinda Vikings for going undefeated over the top competition in Northern Cal to win the region’s top event of the season. By winning the Spring Super NIT the Vikings increased their record in USSSA play to 29-4 for the season. Congratulations to tournament MVP Brad Burnes. Great job Vikings!

10/31/16: Congratulations Vikings for winning the 47-team, desert fall classic 12U championship! It was a great team performance going 7-0 outscoring our opponents 71-22 with 10 Home Runs, 77 Hits, and 24 of 36 scoreless innings by our Pitchers and Defense! Great job Vikings Players and Coaches!


9/20/16: Congratulations to the Lamorinda Vikings 12U for winning the Black Tie Bash at Twin Creeks. The Vikings went 4 and 0 out scoring opponent 30-5. Way to start off the Fall Season.