Lamorinda Baseball Club
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Warriors 12U

June 10, 2018:  FIVE in a row!!!

🎉Congratulations🎉 to our 12U Warriors who played up this weekend in the NCTB 13U Open Summer Splash and took home the hardware! 🥇
⚾️ Way to grind and keep challenging yourselves, boys! ⚾️

5/28/18:  Champions again!!!

🏆⚾ Congratulations, once more, to the 12U Warriors who powered through the Memorial Day weekend with a 6-0 record to win the majors division in the NCTB – PGBA Ultimate Memorial Day event. 🇺🇸⚾


🥇NCTB 12U Major – May Madness Champions
Another 4-0 weekend for the Lamorinda Warriors, with the hard-fought championship game coming down to the last play against the Outlaws. Congratulations, Warriors, for persevering and bringing home the hardware!
And congratulations to Isaiah who was named MVP! 🏆



Huge shout out to the Warriors who dominated the 12U Majors NCTB Prospect Wire Super Regional.  The boys went 4-0, outscored their opponents 36-3, and defeated Club All Star Blue in four innings to win the championship 11-3.  Congratulations, Warriors!

Warriors Dominate the Prospect Wire Super Regional


4/22/18: Congratulations to the Warriors who went  4-0 on the weekend and brought home the win in the NCTB 12U Majors Spring Fever event. 🏆