Lamorinda Baseball Club
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Walk off home run gives the Trojans the win in the NYBC 12U National Championship game vs BC Phenom!

Carson Crawford fans eight to lead the Trojans to the 12U National Championship!

After an interference call to take runs off the board, Kyle White hits a two-run single to put the Lamorinda Trojans up 2-1 in the 12U National Championship game vs BC Phenom!

Huge double play for the Trojans vs BC Phenom in the 12U National Championship game!

Blake Burke Launches one to give the Trojans the 5-2 lead in the 12U National Championship gave vs BC Phenom!

Blake Burke makes diving catch to end pool play game against Dbat Elite at the NYBC Championships!

Jack Burnes clubs a two-run homer to extend the Lamorinda lead in the semi-final game against Team Citius at the NYBC Championships!  

Blake Burke walks it off vs Midwest Elite in an elimination game at the NYBC 12U Championship to keep the Trojans Championship hopes alive! 


AC Cabrera strikes out 7 in 12U semifinal versus Team Citius (TX)!

Carson Ramocinski hits a 2-run blast to center against Team Citius (TX) to give the Trojans a 6-3 lead in the 12u semifinal!